ERP System Performance Review

Is your ERP software and hardware achieving peak performance and stability?

Aether Consulting and NetSource One have developed an ERP system performance review to give customers a health check of their IT infrastructure.

This review is conducted by an Aether certified technical consultant and a NetSource One IT infrastructure engineer. These experts will evaluate your hardware and software from the bottom up.

The ERP System Performance Review focuses on areas affecting your total system's performance, and addresses:

After conducting our review, you'll receive a detailed report on your infrastructure performance and recommendations for short-term improvement. This will also include a timeline for upgrading any hardware or software to support your plans for growth and for dealing with elements that may become unsupported in the near future.

Get the full value and return for your ERP investment.  Rather than trying to do the internal analysis and justification on your own, with limited resources and competing projects, we can provide an expert view of what it will take to make sure your hardware and software are performing optimally.

Get your ERP System Performance Review for $100. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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